This is the fun part. This is where the gates are opened up to the land of imagination and everything is possible, but sadly this great freedom isn’t that effective towards a deadline.

When doing concepts and designs, my trick is to find a handful of keywords based on background story, game design, target group(s) and already set up art direction dogmas and brainstorm the designs from these limitations. Already at this phase I’m thinking about what visual designs or elements that can be repeated and make the final product recognisable.
The creative Jonas Raagaard always has a few projects going on. One of them was a new concept for a space game. It involved a rat race living as pirates in space. So, when I started on the design of their vessels I picked keywords based on the feedback from client. Here it was words like: Rat, Aggressive, Sea Creatures, Pirates. I hope you can see some of the keywords appear in the line-up picture. From here the client can now pick a direction from the semi-narrowed concepts and quickly get closer to the desired design.
Most of my concepts are done quickly since there usually isn’t time for polishing. On rare occasions it happens and here’s a couple of polished ones from an unreleased project
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