Hi and welcome to my portfolio.
My name is Johnny Haarup and I'm an artist and graphic designer living in Denmark. 
2018 marked my 20th work anniversary with games and other visual digital products, so I took the time to clean up the old hard drives and pick out old visual digital memories. 
Some are placed in the 'Softography'; - a list of games or software that I’ve been involved with and in chronological order. Old colleagues will probably smile going back memory lane - or get a headache. 
Other visuals are put in the ‘Line of work’ gallery and aim to visualise the different kind of areas that I’ve been working with. 
In 2019 I have added 3d modeling to my skill set by attending 3D College at Grenaa, Denmark. I will now be able to follow the design all the way - from the pencil to final 3D rendering.
After Effect Is also a new discovery and I think there are many exciting AE-projects coming up in the future.
It is now time to add an extra dimension! Check it out here.
I’ve added in a few comments and tips here and there. I hope you will enjoy the site. 
Johnny Haarup
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