Interactive Television Entertainment (ITE) decided it was time for the troll to leave the forest and become a secret agent in the big city ‘Aquapolis’. I guess people at ITE was fed up with forest scenery. Personally, I wasn’t and I thought it was a risky move for the IP, but the new scenery gave some new and refreshing design challenges.
Instead of starting coding from scratch (again), I lobbied for reusing features from the previous game, so we could get a head start on the code and not have a meltdown at the end. Since the previous game was a sailing game (CannonCruise), the natural step was to make this new city like Venice. It also fitted the agent theme since Venice is a typical setting in Bond movies. We named the city ‘Aquapolis’. I played with the idea that the “streets” would have boats that was half car/half boat in their design and think it worked out well. 
Among the 3D artists that helped visualize this universe was Martin Vestergaard Madsen, Stephen Meldal Foged, Jonas Ussing, Heino Eisner & Jonas Raagaard.
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