First game I ever worked on that got published. ‘Tim Timhår og dykkerdragten’ started as a school project at ‘Space Invaders’ (Denmark's first multimedia education). I worked together with Peter Eide Paulsen, Katja Therese Frandsen. We wanted to prove that stories from books could blend with games and turn into an exciting digital experience for kids. We joined up with writer Bo Handrup Nikolajsen, who worked with kids in his fulltime job and as hobby wrote stories for kids. 
Just like a book the story was divided into ‘pages’, and you could hear the writer read up the story. When it was fitting in the story, a small casual puzzle game was added. Peter Eide did all the coding. It got picked up by Gilisoft and published in 1998. I have no idea if this was the first ‘digital book’ in Denmark.
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